Friday, January 31, 2014

Rule of 3rds

How does perspective change the way you "see" yourself?

These two photos show how perspective changes the way I see myself. The worm's eye view makes me feel as though I am extremely powerful and rude. Although the ironic thing about that is that I would never hurt anyone, I couldn't even hurt a fly. Just by looking up at me it looks like I am looking down on everyone like they mean nothing.It's like I have all the power in the world and no one can stop me.. Th way i have my arms crossed makes it seem like I don't care. Also I am almost in the center of the picture, so when I look at it my eyes go directly to me.

In the second photo which is at a "birds eye" view, it looks as though I could care less about what I am doing. My head is resting on my hand making it seem like I'm bored. I find that many people pose like this when they are tired and bored. Although when they do that they have a sad face like they would do anything to get out of being bored. Although I really just like to pose like that and making it at a your eye view makes it more effective. So with that said I am not bored and enjoyed taking these pictures.


  1. Your blog is awesome! I really like the pictures you chose :)

  2. I think the contrasting photos you chose really highlight the ways perspective (and pose!) can suggest totally different personas!

    I'm wondering what you mean by this sentence: "Although I really just like to pose like that and making it at a your eye view makes it more effective." Do you mean the eye view makes the impact of the pose more effective?
    p.s. glad you are not bored!