Friday, January 31, 2014

Rule of 3rds

How does perspective change the way you "see" yourself?

These two photos show how perspective changes the way I see myself. The worm's eye view makes me feel as though I am extremely powerful and rude. Although the ironic thing about that is that I would never hurt anyone, I couldn't even hurt a fly. Just by looking up at me it looks like I am looking down on everyone like they mean nothing.It's like I have all the power in the world and no one can stop me.. Th way i have my arms crossed makes it seem like I don't care. Also I am almost in the center of the picture, so when I look at it my eyes go directly to me.

In the second photo which is at a "birds eye" view, it looks as though I could care less about what I am doing. My head is resting on my hand making it seem like I'm bored. I find that many people pose like this when they are tired and bored. Although when they do that they have a sad face like they would do anything to get out of being bored. Although I really just like to pose like that and making it at a your eye view makes it more effective. So with that said I am not bored and enjoyed taking these pictures.


Hey! It's Jen I am testing my email on my phone. It works!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Assignment 2

In our most recent Snapshots! FYS class,we examined two unique paintings. Basically by analyzing these two paintings it was easy to notice the details but understanding the whole picture and point was difficult. One was Olympia and the other was Titan. Both are wonderful pieces but I feel as though there is more then what we are seeing in Titan.Some may say that the little girl and or "woman" in the back is about to get a smacking from that older woman, although my perspective is quite different.

Clearly looking at this painting the first thing I see is the nude woman lying on a large couch. It seems as though she is willingly and enjoying the attention being given to her. With the grapes in one hand and that seductive smile that she gives. Although she doesn't seem to mind about what is going on behind her. There clearly is a colored child in the back, reaching into a chest. My observation would be that this woman adopted or took in this child and gave her a good home. Based on the background in this photo it seems she has enough money to take in a child. The question is what is she reaching for and why does the woman standing over her look like shes ready for a spanking?

This woman is NOT about to beat her. Yes she may be pushing up her sleeves but she is in fact the girls nanny and is getting her ready for bed. The dimming of the sky in the background shows that the day is ending and it is about to get dark. So, the girl is looking for some clothes to wear but can't seem to find any because she is bent over reaching into the chest. To lend a hand the nanny pulls up her sleeves and starts to help her look for a nightgown or some pj's.

Never judge a book by it's cover because then many theories and conclusions can pop into your head. The most common reason why people roll up their sleeve is because they are about to hit someone, but in this case it is merely a helping hand.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Assignment 1

The ways that I participate in online photography is that I have an Instagram and a Facebook. The benefits of online photography is that you are able to share memorable moments with your friends. Or it can provide vital information to other for example, someone could have taken a screenshot of the weather and posted it. That allows others to know what they can expect for that day. Although the downfalls of online photography is that anybody can see them, and may be able to get any information they need just by that one photo.