Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Born into Brothels Review

      Born into Brothels is a serious and sad film. The fact that a woman would go all the way just to teach a photography class. Letting the children use  the cameras was genius, it allowed them to show what goes on around them and how they cope with it. Their photos showed so much and a lot of it was pretty gruesome. Seeing all of those women lined up because they were "working" is not a pretty sight. And to think those little girls will be doing the same thing once they grow older, instead of getting an education. Also the fact that all of these children do not have HIV was shocking, because knowing that they were born into a "working" family you would think that it would be passed down. Plus, the way that these parents treat their children is absolutely disgusting. Kicking, shoving, swearing, and just being extremely rude. I was not able to watch all of it but I really want to know if the children made it into better schools or if they are still the same.  Other than that this film was truly and eye opener because it just makes me grateful that I have a loving family that supports me and gives me what I need.